The Color Monster

Many companies are satisfied with a current snapshot of existing creative trends – and they treat their colors the same way. As time passes, they risk being overrun by changing tastes. It is smarter to consider the results of research into current and future trends.

We decode colors and color spaces to determine their respective half-lives. Then we develop a color management scheme that reflects these values. This extends the life of our customers’ investments and protects against unpleasant surprises in the future.


Good to great
Close cooperation with our dedicated customers – who might be better described as partners – has successfully altered brands and markets. Together we have moved in new directions. And for good reason, for “whoever swims only with the current will never reach the source.”

An excerpt:


We came to know STILL in 2003 as Germany’s market leader for forklifts. Based on our insights, we repositioned the brand within its billion-euro market and then revised the corporate design.

STILL advanced to become the European champion in 2005, and has continued its development from that position. STILL’s fusion with companies such as Linde within the KION group has now made it one of the world’s top suppliers. STILL’s image has evolved from forklift manufacturer to global opinion leader in internal logistics.


We repositioned Designa in the market in 2009. We took a number of steps as part of a newly developed communication strategy. We also developed a new design for DESIGNA, launching it as the world’s largest trade show for this market.

The first success did not take long at all. In 2010 the company advanced to become one of the top 100 innovators in Germany. It is not only the technological market leader in its field but the number one opinion former, as well.


Innovation workshops can give rise to beautiful inspirations. Ours result in specific products and services. Please watch Tchibo and pay attention to new developments that may soon be revealed. They might be the direct result of our workshop.


rock brasiliano is not a packaging agency. Nonetheless we relaunched Perwoll’s design. Our new combination of insights and design produced a remarkable lead in international tests as compared with the results of the established specialist agencies.

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