The Color Monster

Many companies are satisfied with a current snapshot of existing creative trends – and they treat their colors the same way. As time passes, they risk being overrun by changing tastes. It is smarter to consider the results of research into current and future trends.

We decode colors and color spaces to determine their respective half-lives. Then we develop a color management scheme that reflects these values. This extends the life of our customers’ investments and protects against unpleasant surprises in the future.


Welcome to individuality.
Welcome to rock brasiliano.

We are an ideas-driven company for communication and corporate creativity. Our strength lies in successfully combining strategic and analytic prowess with the creativity of designers, innovators, and copywriters. This paves the way for successful new endeavors. It also often gives our customers that decisive lead in the market. Our research is also attuned to the future: Since 2006 we have provided the insights of international trend research in addition to the traditional portfolio of a communication agency. We combine these two areas to create a new, networked communication culture for idea-driven projects that achieves success in the market. rock brasiliano understands both consumers and companies and links the brand with the market.

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