The Color Monster

Many companies are satisfied with a current snapshot of existing creative trends – and they treat their colors the same way. As time passes, they risk being overrun by changing tastes. It is smarter to consider the results of research into current and future trends.

We decode colors and color spaces to determine their respective half-lives. Then we develop a color management scheme that reflects these values. This extends the life of our customers’ investments and protects against unpleasant surprises in the future.


rock brasiliano’s toolbox
rock brasiliano optimizes. We examine the potential of brands, whether corporate brands, endorsed brands, or mono brands. Our multidimensional assessment tests the strength of the brand and identifies where it can be optimized.
We utilize very effective tools in our brand workshops.
These include asking the right questions:

Can your brand sell without communication? Does it meet customers’ needs or desires? Might other customers be interested in your brand? In what context does the brand identify its task?
Often our questions reveal a complex picture that may include distribution, pricing, product, and communication. We proceed from the brand to marketing, and return to the brand. The final result is clarity. And clarity leads to more precise subsequent brand management.

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