The Color Monster

Many companies are satisfied with a current snapshot of existing creative trends – and they treat their colors the same way. As time passes, they risk being overrun by changing tastes. It is smarter to consider the results of research into current and future trends.

We decode colors and color spaces to determine their respective half-lives. Then we develop a color management scheme that reflects these values. This extends the life of our customers’ investments and protects against unpleasant surprises in the future.


Creativity and the forces of darkness
With our culture of ideas we increase companies’ innovative power by contributing a steady flow of new ideas to fill their pipeline. Corporate innovation that matches corporate strategy is our daily business. We develop growth concepts based on new products, services, brand models, and business models. In other words, we offer creation and cash so that nothing succumbs to the dark forces of competition.
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Innovation Workshop

Three-tier selection criteria for good ideas are common in workshops. rock brasiliano’s workshops are used to develop new products or services that match the business strategy.
We call this corporate creativity. Every task description is unique. Therefore we do not apply a blanket standard, but always proceed on an individual basis

We know the great and small challenges facing a team entrusted with developing a creative solution. We address these with targeted workshop designs, new work methods, unusual stimuli, and inspiring people – for example from our network (rock brasiliano’s tortuga innovation). Here, it is entirely possible that utopians meet conservatives, progressives meet preservationists, or rationalists meet creative thinkers and innovators. It is an exciting mix with one single goal: excellent work results – in what is becoming an increasingly complex world.


Many decision-makers share the common fate of having to spend nearly all their time in offices and conference rooms. They can easily lose touch with the street and with everything that happens there. How is it possible not only to know the latest trends but to exploit this inside information in your own company?

In our TRENDWALKS, we bring you to the hot spots, weak signals, and windows of opportunity in the urban environment. The places that are alive and pulsating. Where unconventional things are at home. Where new things arise. We lead you to the urban trails of the trend cities, such as New York or London, so that new views and inspirations can influence your work. Our TRENDWALK is a true inspiration powerhouse.

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