The Color Monster

Many companies are satisfied with a current snapshot of existing creative trends – and they treat their colors the same way. As time passes, they risk being overrun by changing tastes. It is smarter to consider the results of research into current and future trends.

We decode colors and color spaces to determine their respective half-lives. Then we develop a color management scheme that reflects these values. This extends the life of our customers’ investments and protects against unpleasant surprises in the future.


We do what we do best.
The relationship between communicator and recipient has changed radically. Communication and brand presentation must reflect this crucial consideration. In today’s world a small idea cleverly presented in the right media can win more friends for a brand than a million-dollar budget. Brand presentation is the art of designing a world that others would like to be part of, and this art must adapt to new conditions. This requires thorough understanding of the motivations of the target groups, and the right tones and nuances to ensure the message is properly understood. We make this happen, using more than just our creativity. Experience, knowledge, and an intelligent mix in work methodology are equally decisive.

Agility is an integral aspect of our structure.

rock brasiliano works like a neural network. No rigidly defined business units or departments. No unnecessary overheads. Instead we provide full service on demand.

We achieve this flexibility by creating modular links between our agency and the outside world. Want to find out more? Write to and ask about “modular powering.”

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